Tenders Notice


Project Title: Digging and Construction of Water and Sanitation Projects

Qatar Charity (QC) is Qatar Based, an International non-profit and non-governmental humanitarian organization working in Pakistan since 1992. QC is mainly working in the following thematic areas:
WASH, CPI, Disaster risk reduction, social protection, sustainable livelihood, education and cultural support & health all over Pakistan.
QC invites sealed bids from technically and financially strong, experienced, reputed and registered contractors to work with us for the following items:

  • Lot 1: Digging and construction of borehole with hand pump in TMK-Sindh
  • Lot 2: Construction of Twin set latrines, ablution area with water supply in TMK-Sindh
  • Lot 3: Construction of Twin set latrines, ablution area with deep water supply in TMK-Sindh
  • Lot 4: Construction of Shops in Gadap Town, Karachi
  • Lot 5: Construction of Twin set latrines, ablution area with water supply in Rajanpur-Punjab
  • Lot 6: Provision of Hygiene kits at Mirpurkhas
  • Lot 7: Provision and fixing of Nadi Filters at Mirpurkhas
  • Lot 8: Construction of Mosques at various locations

For any query email us at info@qcharity.org.pk
Bids should be sent to the address: Logistics section, Qatar Charity Pakistan, 2nd floor, capital city center, G10 Markaz Islamabad, by COB 3rd July 2017.
Vendors may apply for all or one Lot, but please clearly write on envelop the project title and lot with marked as Confidential.

The detailed condition and requirements for the above lots can be downloaded from below link:

- General requirements (ClickHere)

- Lot-1-(WASH I) (ClickHere)

- Lot-2-(WASH II) (ClickHere)

- LOT-3-(WASH III) (ClickHere)

- LOT-4-(Shops) (ClickHere)

- LOT-5-(WASH III) (ClickHere)

- LOT-6-(Hygiene Kits) (ClickHere)

- LOT-7-(Nadi filters) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.1 (Bagh-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.2 (Rajanpur-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.3 (TMK-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.4 (Dir-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.5 (Khusab-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.6 (Manshera-Mosque) (ClickHere)

- Lot 8.7 (Khuzdar-Mosque) (ClickHere)