Tenders Notice

 Project Title: Community Physical Infrastructure Schemes (Mosque completion) in Towa-District Shangla KPK.

Qatar Charity (QC) is Qatar Based, an International non-profit and non-governmental humanitarian organization working in Pakistan since 1992. QC is mainly working in the following thematic areas:

WASH, CPI, Disaster risk reduction, social protection, sustainable livelihood, education and cultural support & health all over Pakistan.

QC invites sealed bids from technically and financially strong, experienced, reputed and registered contractors to work with us for the following items:


Item Description




Lot 1

Completion of construction of Mosque-350 m²




For any query email us at info@qcharity.org.pk    

·         Clearly fill in the final summary sheet for cost along with delivery time. Incomplete information may be rejected

·         Please clearly write on envelop the project title and lot with marked as Confidential with all technical details of the vendor.

·         Bids should be sent to the address: Logistics section, Qatar Charity office, House #14, Dr.Javed Iqbal street Force colony, Saidu Sharif, Swat KPK Pakistan, +92946-729565 by 4.00 pm 21st October 2018

·         No bid will be entertained with incomplete technical details of the company as profile etc.

·         No bid will be entertained after the time mentioned.

Vendors may apply a Lot, but please clearly write on envelop the project title and lot with marked as Confidential.


·         The registered partners/firms/contractor with government department will only be entertained

·         Technically sound in the relevant thematic area

·         Strong presence in the area proposed

·         Technical and strong expertise in terms of human resources and capacity

Selection Criteria:

Selection of service provider will be as per following criteria:

I.                    Only selected firms with desired profiles, required expertise and exceptionally strong experiences  of  similar  campaigns  shall  qualify  for  the  next  stage  of procurement

II.                  Don’t send profile but only the required documents in the checklist

III.                Technical Proposal 60%

·         40% registration, work experience and 20% technical and presentation

·         Financial Proposal - 40%


Community Physical Infrastructure Schemes (Mosque completion) (ClickHere to Download)